What is innerlogic?


Has your organization ever struggled with its team culture? Innerlogic is a software platform created to help organizations improve their team’s culture.

About innerlogic’s creators

Innerlogic was created by Bryce Tully, a mental performance consultant, and Michael Bawol, a performance analyst. Both have worked extensively with the Canadian Olympic team for the past 10 years.

Data Analytics

Michael Bawol, co-founder President of innerlogic

An integral part of the innerlogic experience is the rich set of data analytics tools offered in our dashboards. Michael has been working with high performance sport organizations for the last 10 years, focusing on the measurement of key performance indicators. Through his experience helping athletes attain Olympic excellence, he brings a fresh perspective on the analysis of team culture.

Michael’s career highlights

  • 2012 Paralympic games Team Canada Performance Staff
  • 2013-2019 Canoe Kayak World Championships as Team Canada Staff
  • 2015 Pan American Games Data Analyst
  • 2016 Olympic Games Canadian Team Staff – Data Analyst
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Canadian Team Staff – Data Analyst


Bryce Tully, co-founder & CEO of innerlogic

Having worked with various Canadian National Teams as a mental performance consultant, Bryce’s is an expert at culture building. His unique experience helping elite teams achieved a culture that drives performance has helped shape many of the features of innerlogic.