Leading Culture Change With Executive Performance Coach Jason Sealy


In the first episode of the innerlogic podcast, we interview Jason Sealy, an executive performance coach who has been working with organizations such as Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, NavCanada, Ryerson Athletics and the Reach Project.

It’s Jason’s unique mix of experience working with corporate and sport organizations that gives him a unique perspective. There’s unique wisdom to be gained from this information packed interview.

Covered in This Episode

  • The role of an executive performance coach and the pain of people development
  • The signals of poor culture fit
  • Three steps to great personal development
  • How to identify learners and non-learners in the interview process
  • The practical side of Google’s Project Aristotle on team effectiveness
  • “Unfreezing” bad culture and creating a common sense of urgency
  • Facilitating connection and safety in a team
  • The impact of environment on culture
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Balancing development and performance